After spending far too long in beta status, PDFStitcher v0.5 is officially the recommended version. Most of the improvements are behind the scenes - improved handling of different file structures, better error handling, etc.

In addition to the changes introduced in the beta version, the following small tweaks might be of interest:

  • Removed a debug flag that was causing potentially inflated file sizes
  • New Czech translation files (thanks to Lucie Holá, who also created a new Czech projector sewing group!)
  • Explicit UI change to enforce only number of rows OR columns. This has always been how PDFStitcher functions, but it defaulted to choosing columns if the numbers didn’t line up - now it only lets you type in one or the other.
  • Fix to handle files from OpenOffice Draw, which had some unusual PDF properties resulting in a PDFStitcher output file with a dimension of 0
  • Adding a note to the user to check if the file is open in another program rather than relying on the obscure “Error 13” message
  • Windows executable is built with pikepdf v3.1.0, macOS still on v2.15.0 due to issues with my super old mac build


Why not give it a whirl? While it is technically out of beta, there are bound to still be bugs. You can report bugs through the bug tracker, comment on the Facebook post in Projectors for Sewing, leave a message on this post, or email me with feedback.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac


As usual, translation files lag a bit behind the development. It will still work in your supported language, but the occasional message or label may show up in English as a result of changes. If you’d like to fix a translation, please see this page.


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