Helpful Links

Pattern-specific settings

Sasha Sewist created a shared spreadsheet with parameters for specific patterns. At the time of writing this document has over 200 patterns with details on page range, number of rows/columns, amount to trim, and other notes. If you’re not sure where to start, check this list to see if your pattern is on it, or one from the same designer. If not, feel free to add to it!

Google Docs link

Projectors for Sewing Facebook Group

If you’re interested in projector sewing and not sure where to begin, check out the Projectors for Sewing Facebook group. The people in this group have a wealth of knowledge on which projectors to buy, how to mount them in your space, how to calibrate for use with sewing patterns, and more. They’re also pretty great at figuring out tricky PDFStitcher settings too.

Projectors for Sewing